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Kawasaki KX65 Connecting Rod Hot Rods 8128 - MotoTriad

Kawasaki KX65 Connecting Rod Hot Rods 8128

Hot Rods

  • $ 10400

Kawasaki KX65 Years 2000-2016     

Connecting Rod

  • Hot Rods 8128
  • All of our rods are created from 8620 case hardened steel. But, in addition to that, our rods also undergo a special forging process which helps to improve grain flow as well as dimensional consistency — and that means a rod of uncompromising strength.
  • To improve fatigue durability, all Hot Rods rods are shot peened. This process, utilizing a stainless steel shot, helps to remove stress risers and creates smoothly blended radiuses. In the end, a Hot Rods connecting rod is one of the most durable rods that enthusiasts and engine builders can buy.
  • However, a rod is only as good as its supporting parts and that’s why a Hot Rods kit features only the most advanced and durable bearings. Case hardened and silver coated, the bearings are just as tough and reliable as the rods.
  • Even Hot Rods crank pins are subjected to the same rigorous standards as the rods and bearings. Each crank pin is created from hot-rolled ASTM 4115 steel and case-hardened to a level of 58–62 Rc.


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